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Maysa Sultan

Where can I get the best internet plan


Amman, Jordan




When it comes to home use it all really depends on your usage but if your area can get up to 24 Mbps the best value for money is Umniah. They provide you with up to 24 Mbps with 40 GB per month for 400 JD without tax (nights & Friday free). Orange is a close second in price and they provide you with 40 GB day use and 40 GB night use with no nights & fridays free. Problem is with Orange if you exceed the day quota for the month, you cannot use the night quota. Every GB after the initial 40 GB is 2.30 JD which can add up quick, whereas with Umniah an extra 70 JD annually on your contract will give you an extra 60 GB on top of your 40 GB quota meaning you'll have 100 GB per month w/ nights and weekends free. In total that comes to 525 JD including tax. Try getting the same bandwidth with Orange and you'll be paying well over 900 JD.

You're a Star! this is more than helpful, thanks
Thanks Maysa...hope you can answer my questions as well as i did yours! lol

JCS - they have the best technology in town right now, that is connecting through optical fiber cables, meaning UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD. We have the 2Mbps offer for 31 JD/month and downloading all i want without worries. Office is in Gardens check out their offers here jcs.jo/offer.php

Problem is not all areas get fiber optic cables, I live in Jabal Amman and they dont have the infrastructure for it
true, their coverage is limited, so its not an option for u. But for those who have it its great XP
You're right and its more reliable! I wish my area had it :(
Good deals compared to other suppliers! I'll be visiting the office to ask about their coverage areas unless it can be done over the phone.
And the website is horrid! needs a redesign... Sorry... couldn't help it since I'm a designer. Thanks for the great tip :)
Anyone know a public coffee shop or cybernet that would allow you to download with this service :) Thank you
Try giving them a call, ask which cafes subscribe to their service.
Hi, are you still subscribed to JCS ? how is the service so far ? and did you face any problem of any kind ?
Yes. So far the only 2 problems are that on Fridays apparently many ppl stay home and over-use the limit so downloading gets kinds slow and sometimes disconnects. And last year when it snowed we lost connection for 2 days. But their maintenance team is very responsive the show up immediately when u report a problem.
I subscribed to Orange and I am getting 16 Mbps out of 24 Mbps of speed for JD40/month and 100 GB download limit and I must say that it is amazing :D and didn't disconnect at all and it doesn't slow down on Friday's.

I have signed up with JCS and I knew it was too good to be true. While the prices are not bad and it is unlimited download, I have to contact them at least twice a week as the Internet cuts out a lot. I admit the service can be fast but when you have no Internet for 6 hours in two days and you work from home it can be very frustrating. Every week the Internet cuts and it seems that when the weather gets bad or windy the Internet cuts. During the snow storm in January, we had no Internet for 4 days and of course no one answered the phone. Fast Internet and fair price but the Internet will cuts frequently, I think because it is of the way it is installed. Our cable is running from the roof of two other buildings and it is exposed, not under ground. Too bad honestly because I was so happy at first!.


@Orange is one of the worst ISP's, currently they say that upgrades are at hand and all customers to handle intermittent connection problems until July?!?!?!?!? Horrible management and unusable service.


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