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Street Cred

The Untested

This is where your journey begins. As an untested Tipster, you'll need to prove yourself for people to take you as a credible cat. A couple quick tips and you'll be on your way in no time.

The Qualified

You've made a name for yourself as an up and comer but don't get ahead of yourself. This time around you'll need a bit more persistence to make your way through.

The Competent

The elite club of Lemurs now welcomes you as one of their own. You may not be a senior member just yet, but your tips are worth their weight in some sorta semi-precious metal.

The Expert

No longer a sophomore, you command the respect of those ranked above and below you. You probably have some lemur groupies following you around, just waiting for you to drop a tip like its hot.

The Guru

Many will try but the majority will fail to reach these upper echelons of tip-ability. This to Lemurs is like Graceland to rock n’ roll. Should you achieve this remarkable feat, expect a cult-like following, your words will shine so bright they'll blind.

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